We make your ideas come true thanks to our virtual reality development service. We develop unique experiences through interactive games, simulators, tours, applications and much more.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual Reality or VR, is the development of virtual and interactive spaces using a VR headset that the person can enter and interact within that space, stimulating the senses and generating the sensation of being present in another place.

Why use virtual reality for my business?

1. Present your product to the market before going on sale.
2. Offer an interactive experience anywhere with your product.
3. Avoid costs of transportation to locations or equipment so that your customers know what you offer.
4. Reduce the risks of workplace accidents by offering them safe training.
5. Offers tours of places that are not yet built or do not exist.
6. Make your clients come out surprised by the experience they just had.

Our VR work

Virtual games with branding option for companies

We offer this option to companies looking for an interactive experience for their attendees. Branding and logo are placed on all games. The score is recorded for each user and there is a limited time for each game. Ideal for dynamics and competitions in expos and events.

Requirements for execution:

  • Oculus Quest virtual reality headset, Oculus Quest 2

  • Oculus Rift virtual reality headset with computer