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We offer our clients a unique experience of your brand or product using augmented reality technology by application or internet browser. This technology can be used remotely from the comfort of work or home.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented Reality or AR, is the development of interactive applications where, through a technological device such as a cell phone or a computer webcam, you can visualize digital elements superimposed on the real world.

Why use augmented reality for my business?

1. Offer your customers the opportunity to view your products from anywhere.
2. Allow your customers to modify characteristics of your product to decide how they want it.
3. Make sure your customers can take a souvenir of your product and take it with them.
4. Display additional information about your product digitally.
5. Use your business card or brochure to display your business information.

Our AR work



This service does not require installing an application on the cell phone. Simply access the website with your cell phone and camera.

1.-Download the image or use the one from this site as an activator. If you use a computer browser it requires a web camera, if it is a cell phone with the mobile camera.
2.-Click on the button below to navigate to the application site.
3.-Press the "Run Game" button, give permission to use the camera and point at the image.
4.-Use your fingers to rotate the 3D model

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